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Hot rolled steel angle
Hot rolled
steel angle
Hot rolled steel channel
Hot rolled
steel channel
Hot rolled steel strip
Hot rolled
steel strip
Hot rolled
1 March 2022
Balakovo SF Participated in the Scientific Decade Start, a Scientific & Practical Marathon
9 February 2022
Balakovo SF Keeps Working with the Regional Educational Organizations
4 February 2022
Balakovo SF Selected Danieli as Equipment Provider for New Universal Rail and Structural Steel Mill
28 January 2022
Balakovo SF is to Teach Young Professionals at Balakovo Engineering & Technology Institute’s Premises
12 January 2022
Balakovo SF received a Certificate of Conformity for Rebar (S800, S500, S240)
7 January 2022
Balakovo SF — Social Work
24 December 2021
Balakovo SF’s Contribution to Development of the Saratov Region
2 December 2021
Balakovo SF to set new production records
22 November 2021
Balakovo SF has melted 1,000,000 tons of steel since the beginning of the year
17 November 2021
Metal-Expo 2021 Exhibition Results
1 November 2021
Balakovo SF is to build a cargo berth
20 October 2021
Balakovo SF has been committed to life of its native city and region, and it supports the social life of the region
20 October 2021
Balakovo SF Won the Investor of the Year Contest
18 October 2021
Balakovo SF started a new department — Construction Material Laboratory
10 September 2021
Following the annual ceremony of the district Awards & Recognition Board renewal, the name of Balakovo SF's employee – Piotr Ardashev, Power Equipment Repairman, appeared there
7 September 2021
On September 7, at the opening of the Almaz Digital technology park, Ivan Demchenko, Novostal-M Holding's owner and the CEO, told about the investment project at the Balakovo SF site
1 September 2021
Balakovo Polytechnic Technical School started a new "Metal Forming" discipline
16 July 2021
Happy Day of Metallurgist!
25 May 2021
Balakovo SF became a co-founder of the Electric Steel Works Association (ESWA)
13 May 2021
Special Victory Day events were held in the Balakovo district in honor of May 9
31 March 2021
Balakovo SF has been actively developing both domestic shipments and exports of rolled steel products
24 March 2021
In February, Balakovo Steel Factory successfully passed an inspection audit by CARES, international certification company
5 March 2021
Balakovo SF has launched commercial production of a new type of rolled products
25 February 2021
Balakovo SF’s Central Laboratory has developed and certified a ferroalloy test method
1 February 2021
We are growing. We are developing. We are getting better
13 January 2021
What allowed Balakovo SF to increase production output in the past year and strengthen its position as the district industry leader?
11 January 2021
Balakovo SF's production output increased by 3% in 2020
3 December 2020
The Balakovo SF's long-range rolling mill specialists have mastered the manufacture of a new type of product
20 November 2020
Metal-Expo 2020, the 26th international exhibition, took place in Moscow on November 10-13, 2020. A number of visitors exceeded 6.5 thousand people
16 November 2020
Balakovo SF presented top-priority production growth areas at the Metal-Expo 2020 exhibition
11 November 2020
Another achievement of Balakovo SF: the factory has produced one million tons of steel since the beginning of the year
5 November 2020
Balakovo SF began updating of the gas cleaning system in the Meltshop
7 September 2020
Gas cleaning plant modernization is to be carried out in the Balakovo SF's Meltshop
28 August 2020
The Balakovo SF reached a ladle life time of 100 heats. Series duration: 81 hours 15 minutes
17 July 2020
Happy Day of Metallurgist!
6 July 2020
A new refractory section started in the Balakovo SF's Meltshop
8 April 2020
26 March 2020
The works on repair and modernization of the gas treatment system are part of the Balakovo SF's key achievements in 2019.
26 March 2020
We have received and registered a Safety Data Sheet for Belite Slag Sand.
8 March 2020
The Balakovo SF's congratulations on March 8 to women.
Hot rolled
steel angle
Hot rolled
steel channel
Hot rolled
steel strip
Hot rolled